Keeping Your Kids Healthy During Lockdown - 99 Bikes

Isolation, social distancing, and home-schooling are only some of the things that weren’t so common to us not long ago but are currently part of our daily routine. Kids’ lives have been impacted greatly by the COVID-19 crisis, and parents are busily searching for activities to help kids stay busy, active, and healthy. Enter our awesome selection of kids’ bikes!

It’s the perfect time for kids to learn to ride a bike, master the gears of a mountain bike, or learn cool scooter tricks to impress their friends when social distancing ends. Riding a new type of bike or upgrading to a more serious ride will be a completely different experience for your kid. The skills required to ride a BMX differ greatly to those of a mountain bike or a road bike, so engage them with a new challenge to keep them entertained.


Isolation and holidays at home are the perfect time to learn to ride a bike. These are great opportunities to spend time with your kids, get them outside, and help them develop their motor skills! A balance bike is a great introduction to getting on two wheels for kids up to two years old. They come with 12" wheels and have no pedals, so kids can develop their balance without the worry of pedalling. The next level up is a 12”-wheel bike with pedals and training wheels. You can even add a guidance bar to give your child that extra bit of help.

The first thing you’ll need to purchase when teaching your child to ride a bike is, undoubtedly, a kid’s bike helmet. Make it a fun activity and let your child express their individuality! Sit with them as you browse online (a safe way to shop these days) and teach them about safety while riding at the same time. It’s a win-win!


Kid’s BMX Bikes 

A BMX is the perfect choice to turn a normal bike ride into an exhilarating blast of fun! BMX bikes have durable, compact Hi-Ten steel frames and smaller tyres, making them great bikes for kids. Kids love learning tricks on a BMX bike and practising them a hundred times. They’re also great for riding through puddles or jumping off dirt ramps that you can build yourself in the garden or the driveway.

 Kid’s Mountain Bikes 

Mountain bikes a great, versatile option for your kids to upgrade to from smaller bikes. They have lightweight alloy frames, multiple gears for easier riding on different gradients, reliable v-brakes or disc brakes, fatter tyres, and suspension systems to handle all terrains. Best of all, they’re long-lasting and easy to ride over any distances.


As beginner riders grow their confidence, they can improve their riding skills and further their enjoyment by upgrading from the bike they learnt to ride on. Offer them a bike that’s faster and bigger, but still easy to ride and handle. The best kids’ entry-level bikes are like mountain bikes but don’t have the suspension, the gears, or the chunky tyres of a mountain bike. Not only are these great value, but they also give your child the chance to develop their motor skills before they upgrade again.



Scooters are fun, easy to ride, and always a popular choice! But there’s more to scooters than just a fast ride. They come in a wide variety of styles and can give a whole new riding experience to your kid.

 Kids’ Freestyle Scooter 

Unlock a world of fun with a freestyle scooter. They allow kids to master cool tricks and stunts, which will keep them entertained for hours at a time.

 Kids’ Electric Scooter 

Electric scooters are an ultramodern ride that aren’t just for adults. Some electric scooters come with an adjustable height steering column and comfortable handgrips, making them perfect for kids.


Pump up the fun of your kids’ ride with our wide range of bike accessories. Try a bike bell or horn, a colourful bike helmet, a bike basket, handlebar streamers, cool lights, and even a seat for their favourite doll!

 Keep your kids happy, healthy, and entertained with the 99 Bikes range of kid’s bikes! 

Head to our online store and have your kid’s next bike delivered straight to your doorstep for an easy, safe shopping experience! Browse our massive range of bikes for sale in NZ to find the perfect set of wheels for your child. Got any questions? Feel free to reach out, our team is always happy to help.