The real benefits of Indoor Bike Training

Are you looking for a way to keep up your fitness and have fun exercising when the weather is less than stellar? Indoor bike trainers offer a range of benefits, whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a beginner looking to break a sweat indoors. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of indoor training so you can keep up your riding mojo over the cooler months!

1. Time-efficient training

Indoor training is ideal for those with a busy schedule. Once you set up your indoor trainer, all it takes is a little motivation to get on the bike and you’re away! You can wake up and get a ride in before work or schedule an evening session, without having to worry about either driving to your starting point or riding to find a suitable area for speed training.

2. Fewer interruptions

When riding outdoors you are bound to experience some interruptions, whether that comes in the form of traffic, intersections, or just having a chat with your cycling buddies! Indoor training removes these external factors so you can focus on your performance. This also means you can plan your sessions more specifically, as you know your one-hour ride won’t turn into a two-hour expedition thanks to unexpected distractions.

3. Avoid unpleasant weather

A key reason to invest in a bike trainer is so you can keep investing in your health and fitness in winter! While outdoor cycling in winter can be a great idea, sometimes it can be too stormy, wet, or windy to have an enjoyable and safe ride. That’s when the indoor trainer becomes a valuable addition to your cycling routine. You can get the same rush of endorphins and maintain your fitness without having to battle the blustery conditions!

4. More control over your goals

For serious riders who want to track their progress towards a specific goal, smart trainers are the way to go. These bike trainers use software to customize your ride so you can control aspects such as incline, sprint resistance, and much more! The technology allows you to measure your progress which is a big help when getting ready for a race or event.

5. Entertainment options

The rise of smart trainers has also seen a rise in apps that take indoor cycling to the next level. Virtual reality apps such as Zwift connect your trainer and your device, so you can take part in simulated races against other users. This is a fun way to get your workout in while also feeling connected if the weather is stopping you from riding with your usual group.

If mixing cycling and gaming isn’t for you, you can keep it simple by popping your indoor trainer in front of the TV or pumping some tunes while you get your KM’s in. For those who want to tick off two tasks at the same time, we have an indoor cycling desk available so you can work and ride at the same time.

6. Improve your form

Using an indoor trainer allows you to hone your cycling skills in a comfortable environment. It’s a great way to improve your fitness levels so you can tackle that outdoor ride you’ve been fantasizing about with more confidence!

Cycling indoors also gives you the chance to focus on form in terms of posture and pedal stroke. This will then translate to a smoother outdoor ride when the weather perks up!

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