Buying bicycle accessories online is an exciting time! You’re gearing up to go out and start adventuring with your trusty set of wheels at your side. However, the sea of bicycle accessories can be a lot to handle, making it difficult to know which things you need and which things make your ride just that little bit better.

So, let’s take a look at which things are essential to keeping you safe while in the saddle, and which things are there to optimise your ride and make it more enjoyable.

Essential Bike Accessories

When assembling your gear, consider starting with these essentials and work your way out. This way, you know which things you need to give you the best riding experience possible.

Bike Helmet

A bike helmet is the most important thing you should have on your person while cycling. Helmets are essentials for safety reasons; they protect your head in the event of a fall, and they’re an incredibly stylish fashion choice… (Perhaps just that first one.)

Make sure to pick up a helmet that’s quality and safety-certified, fits well, and suits the type of riding you do. Mountain bike helmets differ from road bike helmets because they have different requirements. For example, mountain bike helmets can feature a visor on top of the helmet to keep the sun and dust out of your eyes while flying through the forest.

If you’re not sure what to get, talk to one of our experts at 99 Bikes, helmets are one of our specialties!

Bike Lights

A lot of us have to work hard to squeeze riding time these days; we’re all so busy with our commitments! For this reason, you could end up going out for a ride in the early morning or in the evening, which means you’ll have to make sure you can ride safely even with dim lighting.

Having a good set of bike lights is crucial to staying safe while out in low-visibility conditions. They not only light the way, but they also make it a easier for passing motorists (on the road) or other cyclists (on the trail) to see you! You can pick up some reasonably-priced helmet or handlebar lights from any of our stores—just make sure you have the right bike or helmet for mounting.

Patch Kits

And finally, you should always have a patch kit out with you while on a ride—matter how close or far from home you’ll be going. Lugging a bike with a flat tire all the way back up the road or across a trail can quickly put a damper on an otherwise enjoyable ride.

Patch kits are small tool kits that hold everything you need to patch a puncture in your bike’s tyre: tyre levers, rubber cement adhesive, and different shapes and sizes of patch to accommodate a range of tears.

Patch kits are very affordable and small enough to take on a ride with you, so don’t leave these behind when you head out the door.

The Extras

At 99 Bikes, we’re about going all in and making the most of an amazing ride. So, if you’re keen to bone up a bit more on your bike accessories, these are the tools for you. Each one optimises your ride in a different way, making certain locations easier to locate, or helping you to track how you’re progressing.

Computer or Bike GPS

If you’re looking to scale-up your training efforts to something more intense, or if you’re keen to get into the competitive cycling scene, then this one is for you. Bike computers and GPS's are incredibly helpful to have when training as they help you to track all of your metrics. Know how far you’ve ridden, how fast you’re going, how long you’ve been cycling, and more—the information you need is on your handlebars.

Depending on the kind of computer you pick up, you’ll have more or fewer features. Make sure to tailor your choice in terms of both budget and necessity. Not sure which one to pick? Have a chat with one of our experts, we’ve got you covered.

Car Rack or Stand

Bike stands in New Zealand are an amazing thing to have because of the country we live in. There are amazing trails, beautiful scenery, and incredible rides all just a drive away. On a Sunday morning, you can load up the car and strap the kids in for a wonderful family ride, or rise early and head to your nearest trail for a jump start to your weekday.

Bike racks and bike stands come in so many different designs, so even if you don’t have a tow bar on your car, you can still hook one up securely.

Saddle Bag

Cycling is an aerodynamic sport, so you want to avoid bulky pockets at all costs. Plus, using pockets is way too risky! However, you still need to take some things along with you, especially on long rides. For these situations, a saddle bag is a perfect solution.

A saddle bag is one of the best ways to carry superfluous things with you on a ride, e.g. a patch kit or your car’s keys, which would otherwise have to live in a backpack or in your shirt pockets. This bag fits right under your saddle (hence the name) and has easy access for snacks mid-ride. So, if you’re in the mood to treat yourself, pick up a saddle bag and test it out on your next ride.

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