Go Green, Go Electric: Introducing Velectrix Electric Bikes

Go Green, Go Electric: Introducing Velectrix Electric Bikes

Go Green, Go Electric: Introducing Velectrix Electric Bikes

As prices of electric bikes continue to climb, Velectrix’s mission has evolved into creating cost-effective, high-quality eBikes. Whether you want to ride to the shops, pedal around parks with the family, or have a bike to commute between the train station and home, Velectrix’s range of bikes is designed to integrate seamlessly with your life. Velectrix manufactures both hub-drive and mid-drive bikes, so the first decision to make is what type of drive unit suits you best.

Which Motor Is Right For you?

Hub-Drive Motors

In hub-drive bikes, the motor is built into the rear wheel of the bike. This makes the bike cheaper as the frame doesn’t need to be built to accommodate a motor. While hub motors have some advantages such as simplicity and lower cost, there are a few downsides, lets break down the pros and cons.

Some of the main upsides include:

  1. Cost-effective: Hub motor electric bikes are often more affordable than those with mid-drive motors, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious riders.
  2. Low maintenance: With fewer moving parts, hub motors require less maintenance compared to mid-drive motors. There are no gears or chains to wear out or adjust.
  3. Easier to use: Hub motors typically have simple controls and require less effort to operate compared to mid-drive motors, making them a good choice for casual riders or those new to electric bikes.

Some of the main downsides include:

  1. Difficulty in changing a flat tire: If you get a flat tire on a hub motor-equipped bike, it can be more challenging to repair compared to a traditional bike because of the additional wiring and components around the hub motor.
  2. Weight distribution: Hub motors add weight to the wheels, which can affect the bike's handling, with a more "pushed from behind" ride feel. This centralized weight distribution can make the bike feel less agile, especially in off-road or hilly terrain.

Overall, hub drive motors are more simple and cost effective and provide less maintenance requirements than hub-drive motors. However they also provide a less natural ride feeling and are less suited to hilly or varied terrain. Hub drive bikes are best suited to people who want to ride once or twice a week on casual rides to the shops or around the local bike paths on the weekend.

Mid-Drive Motors

In mid-drive bikes, the motor is incorporated into the frame. Mid-drive motors feel much more intuitive, and the bikes handle better as the bike’s weight is central. Mid-drive bikes are best suited to people who want to commute regularly, or people who want to ride most days.


  1. More Natural Riding Experience: Mid-drive motors provide a more natural riding experience since they leverage the bike's gears. This allows for smooth acceleration and deceleration, making it feel more like riding a traditional bike.
  2. Lower Center of Gravity: Mounting the motor in the center of the bike lowers the bike's center of gravity, improving stability and handling.
  3. Improved Hill Climbing: Because mid-drive motors can leverage the bike's gears, they provide better torque, making hill climbing easier compared to hub motors.


  1. Cost: Mid-drive motors tend to be more expensive than hub motors, which can increase the overall cost of the electric bike.
  2. Higher Wear on Drivetrain: Because mid-drive motors transfer power through the bike's chain and gears, they can put additional wear and tear on the drivetrain, potentially leading to more frequent maintenance and replacement of these components.

Overall, mid-drive motors offer a more efficient and natural riding experience, particularly for those who frequently encounter hills or varied terrain. Mid-drive bikes are best suited to people who want to commute regularly, or people who want to ride most days.

A closer look at the Velectrix Range

Velectrix Cruiser

A stripped-back, classic design, the Velectrix Cruiser is perfect for a comfortable weekend cruise or a trip to the shops. With a hub-drive motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and a comfortable frame design, the Cruiser is an affordable option for casual riders. Available in standard frame or step-through for easy mounting and dismounting.

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Velectrix Urban

The Urban is a mid-drive eBike designed to handle daily use. Complete with mudguards, integrated lights, and a rear rack, the Urban Pulse comes ready for your commute from the factory. The Urban Pulse is available in step-through or with a traditional high bar, giving you a choice of your own personal preference.

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Velectrix Compact

Ideal for short trips around town, the Velectrix Compact comes fully equipped with a rear rack, lights, and a front basket. Its compact step-through frame and 20” wheels make it incredibly easy to operate and store, whether space is tight at your home or office or if you’d like to take it traveling with you for short trips around your favorite holiday destination.

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In a world where eco-friendly transportation is gaining momentum, Velectrix stands out for its commitment to making high-quality eBikes accessible to all. Whether you're cruising around the park, running errands, or commuting to work, Velectrix offers a range of bikes designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.

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