What is Club 99?

Club 99 membership gives you access to exclusive pricing and benefits. Learn more

When will I get my welcome email?

You will receive your welcome email within a few days of joining Club 99.

Will my Club 99 membership expire?

No, Club 99 membership if for life, meaning no monthly subscription is needed. A single payment of $5 in-store or online and you are a Club 99 member for life!

How much does Club 99 cost?

The one-time fee to become a lifetime member of Club 99 is $5.

When will you send my $25 Gift Card?

$25 gift cards for Club 99 members who spend over $500 each financial year will be sent at the beginning of July each year.

I joined Club 99 in-store. How do I shop online?

As a Club 99 member, when you shop online for the first time you'll need to create an account. Be sure to use the same email address you used in-store when originally signing up.