Workshop Service Menu  

Our qualified bike mechanics offer repairs and servicing on all bicycle brands and models. Our Standard Service or The 'Classic' is recommended every 6 months, your bike will be cleaned, professionally adjusted, and ready to go!

Every 99 Bikes store has a complete bike mechanics workshop with skilled bike mechanics ready to keep your bike in excellent condition or help you get back out on two wheels.

If you need your bike checked, fixed, repaired or even if you are just after some advice, come in and see your 99 Bikes team and our skilled mechanics will put your mind at ease.

  Hourly Rates & Consultations  

  • Apprentice Mechanic $55/hr
  • Standard Mechanic  $80/hr
  • Experienced Mechanic  $95/hr

Book a specific time for a 1 hour “consult & service” to learn about your bike. A 2 hour consult is normally enough time for a standard service and education.

We recommend contacting the store and booking a time for your service. Book a specific time, so you can wait for your bike on the spot, or pick it up the same day. $15/week storage fee.

  Most Common Individual Charges  

*Three standard part/accessory installations can be included in a Service when purchasing in store.
Code Service RRP Club Price
TUB Tyre or Tube Install Basic per wheel* $15 $10
ABC Accessory or Part Install Basic* $25 $20
CSI Cassette Install* $30 $25
CHI Chain Install* $30 $25
ACC Accessory or Part Install Complex ($20 with service) $50 $40
BKA Brake Adjustment front and rear* $50 $40
FDE Front Gears (derailleur) Alignment* $50 $40
RDE Rear Gears (derailleur) Alignment* $55 $45
GER Gear Adjustment front and rear* $55 $45
SPI Spoke Install per wheel ($20 with service) $55 $45