Expert bike fitting, complimentary with your new bike.

Bike Fitting

Why is getting the right bike size important?

Most bike models offer a selection of frame sizes, and depending on the bike model, there could be seven or more frame size options! Getting the wrong size can make for really poor bike performance, so getting fitted to your bike is an absolute must.

With every new bike purchase, our trained consultants will ensure you are matched to the correct bike size.

Why can't I just use my height to determine frame size?

A couple centimetres of difference between frame sizes might not seem like much, but it can have a massive impact when you begin riding. Before your frame size can be correctly determined, there are several body measurements which need to be considered, knowing your height is just not enough.

What's the value in this service for me?

If your new bike is the wrong size, it will make riding a chore for you. By getting a professional bike fit from one of our consultants, you will be set-up for riding success. Every new bike from 99 Bikes comes with a complimentary Lite Bike Fit, saving you $69 and giving you a perfect fit.

Every fit below is tailored to suit your individual goals and our Standard and Premium bike fits include observation on a stationary trainer.

All of our equipment and computer processing for bike fitting is supplied by Netherlands company, - Internationally recognised as the market leader of determining optimum frame geometry and riding positioning.

What are the bike fitting options?

The Bike Fitting system is designed to suit a wide range of rider types and goals:

  • Road racing: Competition, Criterium, Sport.
  • Off Road: Competition, Sport, Touring, Hybrid.
  • Touring: Audax, Randonneur, Sport.
  • Time Trial: Triathlon 650C, Triathlon 700C

Lite bike fit - $69 (complimentary with your new bike)

This is suited for the beginner road or recreational rider using toe-strap pedals and regular shoes. The Basic Fit covers correct seat and handlebar height for comfort and efficiency.

Standard bike fit - $119

Suggested for most riders purchasing a new road or mountain bike with clipless pedals and shoes. in addition to the basic fit, the Standard Fit corrects fore/aft seat positioning and optimal handlebar reach and drop. This will ensure an ideal balance between comfort, efficiency and aerodynamics.